Why We Live in Brentwood


  1. As of last count, Brentwood has 57 parks. That’s more than one new park to explore every single week of the year!
  2. We have an active Parks and Recreation group, always thinking of ways to promote fun and play. Brentwood is a Playful City!
  3. We have fresh fruits and vegetables. Cherries, peaches, berries, corn, nectarines. Our Saturday farmers’ market offers some of the freshest produce. You can even pick some of the fruits and vergetables in the farms yourself. How much fresher can that get?
  4. We have shopping. And restaurants. Lots of them. And more to come.
  5. Our downtown is getting a boost, and it will be exciting when we finally see everything unfold in the next few months!
    1. We have golf and they’re reasonably-priced. There’s actually 3 of them, and another 2 within a 10-15 minute drive.
    2. We have a lot of activities for the “55 or better” group. We have several communities and homes that are geared for the seniors. We even have a senior center which runs several classes and events. And there’s the Brentwood Senior Citizens Club that plans and promotes activities for seniors.
    3. We have hiking paths and nature trails to discover in Brentwood and in the neighboring towns. Have you been to the Vasco Caves? Have you taken a tour of the Black Diamond Mines? How about the Contra Loma Regional Park?
    4. We are near the waters. If you are a water-sports enthusiast, the California Delta is nearby. Discovery Bay is just a stone’s throw away, and if you want to live in the water, there are gorgeous homes there. It’s like a whole world away.
    5. We have acres upon acres of vineyards. Beautiful vineyards. And yes, they make wine out of the grapes from those vineyards!